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Do get the new bolts with the front engine cover. Some of the bolts are not as long as they use to be. Also the new water pump is different, the old water pump uses bolts 5" long and the new one uses bolts 2" long. I had gotten the new water pump from my Mercedes dealer and they neglected to give me the new bolts, which are suppose to come with it. So when I was putting in the old bolts, it snapped off in the front engine cover. We couldn't back out the bolt, so I had to replace the front engine cover. I got these updated bolts from Bekkers. Do you have a picture book of parts for your car, if not get it, its free. What I did was go to the dealer and show them what bolts I wanted. From this experience I do not trust dealers. I make sure I now exactly what I want and tell them that. I never go in and ask them what I need, I know more than the parts people. Don't forget to check your engine mounts while you have the engine out, if they are worn if would be easy to replace at that point. GOOD LUCK

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