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Scotty's install ended up OK. Main problem as I saw it was that he didn't know the small center "sunvisor" had to be removed. He gave me a call later (I was hoping he'd call with the cell phone) and seemed happy with the results.
OK, it's been awhile since I've seen the phone rig on a 92, much less worked on one. I assume this is like Scotty's and the controller is up by the rear view mirror. You say that doesn't do anything, but you can still get a call out with the handset? That's wierd. Possibly the controller by the mirror is part of the problem, but I feel the bulk of the problem may just simply be that it is an analog, and the coverage for analog in your area may be poor. Is the antenna raising up when you turn the handset on?.
Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a way to convert your factory system over to digital. You may be money ahead to just convert over to an aftermarket system. Some of the aftermarket installers can do an excellent job and use the original speakers and microphone, plus it would be a portable phone that you could take with you, not a fixed install like the original. If you are determined to get the original up and running, and getting the overhead control panel working, let me know, I can dig out some of my info about it.
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