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The answer is yes, the instrument cluster is a press fit into the dash pad. The tools for the removal are "L" shaped with a handle at the end, lenght is about 6-7 inches long, the short end of the "L" is 1/4" - 1/2" long. You slide one on each side and gently pull out. The speedometer cable comes out of the firewall next to the brake booster and is sometimes attached to a bracket on the bell housing of the transmission, take the strap loose so as to have more slack in the speedometer cable and the cluster will come out farther. Caution: be careful not to damage the oil guage line it attaches on the left side of the cluster.
The lights for illumination are at the top, only 2.
The reostat is held in by 1 screw in the center.
Hope this helps.

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