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Anyway, I had my friend who works at Downtown LA Mercedes take a look at the car. He tells me that I'm looking at about close to $20k in repairs, that including labor and parts. And you guys are right the frame does need some pulling. The list of repairs comes to about 3 pages worth. The title for some reason is clear not a salvage, I check this car with my local police department making sure that it wasn't stolen, which it wasn't. For about $40k and change I got a new (old) CL500. That a tremedous bargin and probably can sell it later for a profit considering it only has 1900 miles on it. Thanks for the advice.

P.s. I asked him how much brought the car from the LAPD for he told me $17,850. Why so low, don't know. He tells me that another mercedes should be going on the auction block.
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