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w126 seat replacement

We bought a 1989 560SEL 2 weeks ago, and I've spent more time monitoring this board than sleeping. While there's still some mechanical work to do, I need to begin looking at repairing cracked and torn front leather to appease my wife. Looking at most every post with the word "seat" for the past year, I think I can safely assume that if we replace the entire seat it can be from any 126 sedan (but from stevebfl the later years were sprung better). Could we use the seats from a 140 sedan (specifically a '92 500SEL) as a replacement? How about anything newer?

Thanks in advance for any input. You all have already taught me much--FL car brought to NW Indiana--I wouldn't have known the word "monovalve" if I hadn't been reading here, let alone how to replace. Phil's great also

Earl McLain
LaPorte, IN
'89 560SEL
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