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What a nightmare eh??

As you have discovered, you can not remove the pan without removing the dipstick tub and oil pump pickup. I got the motor as high as I could, trans wedged up into the trans tunnel. I then reach into the pan and removed the oil pump pickup. You need to perform Yoga to get at it with a small 1/4 drive rachet. The dipstick tube is a whole additional nightmare. I ended up ruining mine as it would not come out. You will probably do the same and pound it out from the bottom. You probably now have come to the conclusion that this a job best completed with the motor out of the car. IMPORTANT. After you destroy the dipstick tube (I know you will as it is impossible to get out) Get an other one from the dealer and put it in the freezer. When you install the new one, after reinstalling the pan, heat that area of the block up nice and hot with a torch before you attempt to install. Mine would not go in and seat at the same level of the old one, about 1/2 -3/4 of an inch off. You can not knock it in because you will destroy it once again. Do the best you can. Oh and installing the new rachet style tensioner can be a bear.

Good luck.

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