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Sorry, but I can't help but chime in with my old fuse story.

When I was 14, yes by taking drivers education, you could get your drivers license at 14 in Texas in 1963, I had a '48 Chevy. It cost $12.50 from the junkyard, and about another $100 and bunches of sweat to get it running. It had a glass, 30Amp fuse on the headlight circuit, no circuit breakers on the lights in those days. This fuse was for BOTH headlights, unlike an MB.

One pitch dark night, I was rolling down a country road, luckily a straight one, when the headlights died. The girl next to me, whose shoulder my arm was around, screamed in my ear from fright. This is why I have slightly impaired hearing in my right ear today. I put a gum wrapper around the fuse to get home.

Under less dangerous circumstances, it blew the fuse again. At that point, I decided I would smoke out the problem by putting a piece of copper tubing in place of the fuse. I drove the car a couple more years with no problem and forgot about the tubing. When I sold the car for $40, I forgot to tell the new owner about it. I wonder if he ever got a bad right ear because of this, or even worse.

Sorry, I couldn't pass it up. Sometimes a circuit is just drawing a little more current than the fuse can handle. It sounds like that's what you're dealing with.

Have a great day,
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