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MB Canada has told me that they plan on importing the next generation A-Class to Canada. The current A-Class crash tests as well as the C,E, and even S-Class cars.

I don't see how it would be safe enough for Europe, but nor here. Are we talking about regulations, or environment? Crashes are crashes, and Europe has some highspeed highways (though relatively safe) that have terrible crashes.

If MB Canada is true to their word, and brings the A-Class here, I will probably buy one, especially if we've cleaned up our disel enough for them to bring a direct-injection diesel. I understand that they expect the next A-Class CDI cars to be close to 3.0L/100km cars for fuel consumption. Amazing.

The V-Class will not be imported here, and if not to Canada, then 99.99% not to the US. We generally get more models than the US, not the other way around.
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