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During the past 5-6 weeks ive noticed a loud whine that begins about 2-3 seconds after starting the engine just as the oil pressure guage comes up to 45psi/max on my guage. The humming is obviously under the engine in the area of the oil pan. The vibration is very easily felt by putting your hand on the oil filter housing. The vibration goes away as the temp reaches normal, on my car this is 175 F Additionally, while cold the pressure stays at max then drops to around 30 while cruising and around 15 at idle. The oil had been changed w. filter as soon as this problem started and it continues. Other current problems include a rough running engine at idle, replaced plugs, vaccuum lines ok, new air filter, fuel filter, pressure of fuel ok, compression good, 125K on car, and new rotor and cap, ohmed all wires and resistance is well within acceptable range, including coil wire. Adjusted timing to TDC, and tried to adjust CO to smooth out mixture with limited positive results. Still hesitates when warm on takeoff or speedup. Additionally, i believe warm up regulator is bad as it does not come off high idle 1600 or so for a long time when cold. Also requires 10sec worth of cranking at times when warm restart attempted. Any help is welcome. Oh also cant get trans to downshift at speed into 2nd, ie passing situations, Thanx

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