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450SL engine swap - trying again

Sorry - first post a little unclear. I have access to a solid '78 450SL - engine thrown timing chain. I am told all else, including trans is good.

I also have access to an '85 500SEL with good engine but weak trans, rusty body. Does anyone know if I can swap the 500 engine into the 450SL? (I know - with enough money and time . . . not sure of how much time I have but if funds were unlimited I would just buy a good running SL) As far as I can figure out, the critical issues are:

1. Will the 4.5 exhaust manifolds fit to the 500 engine? 2. Will the 500 engine marry up to the 4.5 transmission? Based on research here I am fairly certain the motor mounts will work without change.

Any other considerations I haven't thought of?

Many thanks
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