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I don`t know about the 8v`s, I bet they are a whole lot easier to work on.


Ya that power steering bracket is a mother. How about that steel oil line that block access to one of the bolts. And then you need to loosen the clamp that holds the oil line, only the allen head holt can not be accessed due to no room! Couldn`t you just shoot/kill the engineer that designed that! Oh and by the way, that same allen bolt took me about a half a day (no kidding) to get started and tightened when putting it back together. My girl friend (now wife) at the time was scared to death to be around me. Had never seen me that pissed off in the five years she has known me.

You need an air compressor to get the pulley nut off and then I used a Snap On gear puller to get that pulley free. Your getting there, almost half way...keep at it.

All my prayers and support are with you.

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