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When I found this cup holder from Griot's Garage, I was so proud of it, I took a catalog to two separate Mercedes dealers when I happened to be in the area, and suggested they carry it. The guys at Penske Mercedes in West Covina, California were impressed and thought about carrying it.
When I showed it to the Mercedes dealer in Long Beach, California, they said they already carried it. In fact, the guy looked on his computer, and said it was actually used as a rear cup holder in the 300TE. He even printed out the screen that showed the part number and where it mounted. I looked for it in my file, but I can't find it.
He gave me a price, but it was much higher than 16.95.
You might check at your local Mercedes dealer or try Phil at Fastlane. I've talked to him on the phone, he's quite helpful, and he seems to have everything available, even the coveted Euro headlights...
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