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Smile Spice Bottle Cap special tool for upper ball joint boot.

Greetings All,

Just a little tidbit for those DIY'ers that want to replace a torn ball joint boot instead of the entire joint, upper joint especially. If your boot has torn lately and you can ensure the integrity of the joint to still be dirt and sand free then a $2 dollar boot will fix you up instead of a costly complete joint. The biggest dilemma will be how to get the multi-layer steel boot ring onto the boot without the MB special tool. Well Charles has devised his own special tool called Molley McButter spice bottle lid boot ring installer. If you take the lid off a Molley McButter spice bottle and cut the closed end off, I used a grinder for this, it will be the perfect size to slip over the boot to the upper portion where the boot clip needs to be installed. If you are scratching your head by now, but want to change your ball joint boots, you'll know what I'm talking about once you pull off the old one and try to secure the new one with the given clip to hold it in place. Just thought I'd pass in along, but hey, nothing is stopping you from spending extra dollars for the whole assembly verses the boot replacement.

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