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more details....

the fans spool up in speed as the temp increases to 120 - at which point i think they're pretty well maxed out.

the radiator looks really good - only about 1-2sq inches if bent blades that i can see. it also looks pretty 'clean' (not a lot of bugs, dirt, etc in it).

i just had the car serviced and the invoice says the coolant is "OK: -20deg farenheit"... not sure if that is in tolerence.

the overheating started , odd enough, when i just got it washed - hand wash, low pressure hoses or course.

it seemed to be running higher than usual after the wash but i figured it was because they let it run while washing it (85-degree ambient temp, black car)

after the wash i went to get the tires balanced & rotated and when the tech came back from the test drive i noticed green fluid boiling out from under the hood. it's all coming from the overflow - there are no other leaks in the system

i just let it cool to 60-degrees then let it idle w/the ac on while watching the temp gague. it ran up to 115-degrees and leveled off with the fans fully screaming to cool her down.
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