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Greetings from New Zealand!
I am desparately trying to get information on a 1992 190D. This is being sold by a car dealership in another city and I am keen on an oil burner but I do not know enough about them. This car is apparently a low mileage one is an auto! Can anyone please help me with info on its reliability, what to look for when buying as well as what the big services are for this model. I doubt if it has a turbo. Can any of these performance improvements be retro-fitted to this car to get better economy and efficieny.

My alternatives are a Citroen Xantia Turbo Diesel or a Citroen petrol version. I am interested in safety, reliability and economy which is why the 3 pointed star seems like the way to go.

Any help, information or pointers will be most appreciated.

Thanks from Down-under!