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Angry 560SL inspection story

So I am not so bright. I bought a 1987 560sl, 91K miles, THEN found this site.

I had the car inspected at an independent mercedes mechanic before purchasing it. The inspection noted slight leak in the valve cover gasket, seeping at the steering box, a slightly rough idle and a number of other items. Compression was stated to be fine.

Repaired most of the items identified other than the slight gasket leak and seeping steering box (e.g., new brake caliper, muffler).

NOW, the car smokes a ton (white) especially after driving downhill. Turn uphill or drive level, the smoke stops. From the board, looks like a valve stem seal problem. I hope so, will find out next week. There is some oil on the floor of the garage.

My question: did I blow the inspection? The smoke would not have been seen in a test drive on level roads (I didn't see it; the mechanics didn't either). I haven't gone back to the inspectors; they were a garage in a town where the car was purchaed, not where I live. I am kicking myself but wonder if I am the victim of sloppy inspection practices, or worse.
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