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Red face minor 300E problems

I'm usually not one to complain about little nicky nacky problems, espcially since I bought the car for next to nothing (87 300E 160K $2K). The car is in stellar condition, even gave it my own tune up, replaced the plugs (suppers as recommended), mgncr wires etc. The only problem the car seems to have is that a few of the electronic windows wont roll down, and the drivers side window moves slow when rolling up. Is this a common prob. with these cars? And if so, what is usually the culprit? Bad switch, bad motor on the window? And if a back window works, and the front pas side doesn't, can I take the motor from one to the other? Thanks in advance for the feed back.

Mateo, MZB newbie, formerly a BMW owner.

87 300E
97 LR Disco SE7
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