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steve hutson
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Mercedes-Benz quality

Hey everyone,

Last night, we took the 99 300 turbodiesel into big D for dinner and my rear seat passenger had just cracked the rear door open to get out in front of the restaurant when an immense sound of tincan-hitting-very solid object rang out. We had just been sideswiped by a chevy
silverado. The impact had torn the door out of the hand of my friend, and it was sticking out fully. Judging by the sound, i knew that my rear door was destroyed! Luckily , no one was injured. When I got out to survey
the damage I was stunned to find that there wasn't a single scratch, ripple, dent, warp, misalignment, etc. to my car. The rear door shut perfectly. To my amazement, the panel behind the passenger door on the silverado was destroyed!! Paint scratched. two big dents and a long gouge down the side. I had heard that maybe these newer MB cars were not a solid or well built as previous models, but at least by last nights experience, I think that they are prety good.

btw--of course the driver of the chevy insisted that it was my fault
because "you hit my truck"!
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