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Aftermarket Power Steering Filters

I have recently been seeing aftermarket power steering filter kits. Magnefine Power Steering Filters (around $30). Saw it in an IPD catalog

I'm not sure if the are installed on the low or high side line, but I suspect they are installed on the low side line. They also appear to recommend driving the first one for xxxx miles and then replace it with a new one. It leads one to believe that the first one has a shorter life because it catches everything that has built up over the years.

Power steering failures don't seem to be a hot topic for MBs. I don't see power steering fluid changes in my maintenance manuals. When power steering units do fail, MBs and rack and pinion (e.g. Volvo 200s), what are the top couple of culprits? Ones that come to mind for this inexperienced soul are: pump cavitation due to fluid loss, improper fluid, contamination during refill......

Any thoughts anyone (pros and non-pros alike)?
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