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The engine was overhauled, but the engine fails to start, there seems to be a problem on the ignition timing, or the fuel injection system.
The car was taken to a mercedes benz dealer
to look for the problem, but with no success.
(They never really look at the car, just gave it a wash, and braking off the overflow pipe on the radiator) We managed to get the car started, but the person was alone, and was not able to kept the car running long enough to adjust the timing. He kept the engine running for about an half hour when the fan came loose and hit the radiator - mercedes didn't tighten the fan bolt- from that moment on the motors fails to start.
When we put some fuel into the injection system, the engine starts momentarely, and dies (possibly fuel starvation), the fuel pump is in working order.
We also noticed that the timing chain tensioner jammend, and kept the timing chain at full tension. But is it possible for the engine not to start due to the tensioner?
Can the CIS cold start valve also be a factor?
I also need technical data for the ignition system, distrubutor, ect. (disasembly & assembly)
Also on the fuel injection system, anything that can help
It is a 110 engine, straight 6, DOHC
123 series '79 model
Thank You