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I still can't tell the difference between the shape of 94-95 and earlier hoods, other than the grill.

I'd like to add that I just noticed the star hood ornament is actually placed on the hood, instead of placed on top of the grill.

Either way, I like both grills.

Ashman pointed out some additional changes, including the bumpers, wheels, etc. that the book failed to point out.

All of the interior changes to the W124 were implemented for the 1993 model 300E.

It's interesting that all of the dealer receipts for service that I have list the model description of my car as 93 300E / E320.

I've also heard that even though the E400 changed to E 420 in 1994, the E400 engine was actually 4.2 liters. I could be wrong, though...

I also agree with Ashman, Euro headlights seem to make a huge difference to the appearance of these cars. The illumination is also apparently vastly superior.

They have them for sale of E-bay right now for $260.00. Anybody know if these are any good?
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