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Lee Scheeler
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This is a simple task of using a bristle brush and several steps until it is completely removed. First I would try dish soap. I always caution against using it on the paint for the simple reason it is designed to eat wax. Okay, substances chemically similar to wax, but it eats wax just the same. A light solution of dish soap applied with a bristled brush (to get into the knap of the fabric) should remove the wax. That should do it in one or two applications. If the dish soap doesn't....

I would be hesitant to use strong cleaners like 409 or Simple Green as they might bleach the top. You could also try the hand cleanser "Goop". That shouldn't stain and if you agitate in with the brush and let sit for a min it should take the wax off without bleaching or staining. Be sure to use the bristles to get deep into the fabric then hose off completly. If neither of those work post back and we will take it from there.

Good luck...Lee