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I'm happy that your E-class stood up to the truck so well. I find the very large size of those trucks to be a 'passive anti-safety" feature - they're so large that many drivers cannot adequately handle them. There are a lot of big trucks running around Plano, and I see many with scraped sides, missing mirrors, or compacted bumpers.

I'm not so happy with my own '98 E300 turbodiesel. My spouse has decided it's a lemon and wishes to sell it. I'm on the fence - but mostly because there's nothing I really want to replace it with. In the 3.5 years we have owned it, it has been in the shop a total of 30 days for repairs to problems which rendered it undrivable. It's had three seperate and distinct failures which took it off the road. I recently had to leave it at a dealer 400 miles from home when it broke down on a holiday road trip. Four months out of warranty it required a near $1000 repair.

So while it has all the wonderful attributes of the 210 chassis sedan, and that's saying something, I can't put up with the downtime. Ten days per year in the shop is too much. Certainly the quality of my E300 isn't what one expects from a Mercedes.
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