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Thanks for all the advice guys. The main reason I like to do things like this myself is because I race. On a race car things break all the time, and I usually don't have the time nor the money to have a shop do the work. As you might know on a race car you should replace hoses, bearings and other such parts every two years. If I was paying a shop to do all this work I would be walking, because I wouldn't be able to afford gas. I like to use my mom and dads Benz to learn from, so I can be better prepared on my car. I think I will talk this over with my shop, who I am friends with. The owner use to race and sponsors my friend and I. I'll see what he would charge me and weigh the options. By the way, what would you charge to do the work. Then again this could be a chance to buy some new great toys, I mean tools. Hey, I even have a revolving account with Snap On, I'm good friends with my Snap On rep too. It's good to know the right people.
PS: We do have an extra car to drive while I am working on one of my family members cars. However none of us like to drive it, it is so embarassing to be seen in it. It is a BMW 325, boy do I hate that car. Everytime I drive it I thank god I didn't get an M3, the car I was going to get before I saw the 16V.