Thread: 560SL Manuals?
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Old 04-19-1999, 05:04 PM
Bob Cavazos
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I want to buy the manual(s) for an '87 560SL. I've seen on a web page manuals for:
(1) Chassis & Body, Series 107. Covers '72 to '89. $50
(2) Heating, A/C, Auto Climate Control, 107. Again covers 350SL to 560SL. $25
(3) Manuals for 107 engines except for the 5.6L.
Also listed is: Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (no description, no price).
Maintenance Manual (no description, no price).
These are through MBNA Tech Manual Order Line: 1-800-367-6372
My question is, is there a manual that deals with just 560SL, or are these the ones (above) I should get? I definitely want the electrical and A/C diagrams.