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How much oil could a diesel burn.....

I rebuilt my 240D motor. After a while (1/2 year) I noticed it using almost a 1.5 quarts of oil every 100 miles. I thought/think its going through the rings, but any car with rings that bad would have noticeable Exhaust Discharge, right? Smoke coming out of the exhaust like one of those really bad cars on the highway you see once in a while.
I might not be a professional engine blueprinter, but i dont think I did a horrible job putting in the rings (Non Mercedes parts). The car has good power and runs well.
Last week I found a small oil pan drip. Not a big one. Could this be the source? I had a similar leak on another car, it really made a mess on the driveway, but it turned out to have negligible oil loss.
Should I replace the pan gasket? Or do the rings instaed?
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