Thread: 560SL Manuals?
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Old 05-14-1999, 01:44 PM
Bob Cavazos
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Have you received your CD yet? I'd like to know if it meets your expectations as I'm considering going that route.

On the other hand, there are paper manuals for sale from a private party (eBay) that includes 4 Service Manuals:

Chassis & Body Model 107 Vol 1 & 2
V8 Engine 116.xx (4.2L) 117.9xx
Heating A/C Auto Climate Cntl Model 107

Current bid is $90. I called MBNA and they only show one Chassis & Body manual????

For Benzmac, Lee, MB Doc, or anyone else in the know: Will the CD include all the above manuals as well as the Maintenance & Electrical Troubleshooting manuals? As I mentioned before, I really want the wiring and A/C diagrams.

Thanks for providing such a great site!