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Originally posted by Diesel Power
Pit your car with my truck (3/4 ton by the way, not a 1/2 ton as pictured), and we would both likely end up walking away unscathed. You due to the higher quality engineering, and me due to the heavier mass absorbing MUCH less of the impact.
Right, according to the law of conservation of momentum, the Mercedes E320, weighing in at 3,624lbs vs a Dodge 3500 Ram 4x4 extra cab at 5,901lbs, the Mercedes would have to be going at 32mph and the Dodge at 20mph in order for the energy to be equally distributed to both vehicles. This implies a coupla things...

1) The fatter you are the safer you will be in a full frontal collision.


2) If a collision is unavoidable, step on the gas to inflict an equal amount of damage on the heavier car.

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