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Yea, while in India (thats where my parents are from) I noticed a neat trick people do there if plastic stuff is broken. Normally glues work, but in many applications, the glue just isn't strong enough. So they basically take a few sewing needles, heat them up, and stick them into one of the broken pieces. They then apply *Insert standard Indian Crafts glue here* heat the needles that are sticking out of one of the broken pieces, and then slide the other piece into the protruding needles. This way, when the plastic hardens, its like super super glue, and the needles are reinforment for the plastic, so it wont break again. The crafts glue is just there to seal things up. Since we are in America (I make an assumption in your case) I would use some two-ton epoxy to seal things up. Its really strong, and costs about 3 bucks for a two chamber bottle that will last you years.
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