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1. a Pickup truck should be used for its intended pupose, picking up and hauling things in the bed, or for offroading fun.

2. SUV's, AKA, Explorer, Tahoe, escalade, suburban etc, are still essentially station wagon designs, and have two main differencedes between them and station wagons. - 4x4 in most cases, except some awd wagons, and higher ground clearance. I find most people like the latter, the higher ground clearance.Most tend to have the "I am above the other vehicles and therefore can see where I am going." kind of attitude. I say if most need to be in a taller vehicle to convince themselves they can drive better because thay can see over the other cars, then they need to learn to drive more than they need to be up higher.

3. Most SUV Drivers do not know the limits of the vehicle, or the sheer size of it makes it hard for the average to below average driver to properly gauge distances and therefore they hit things all the time.

4. Most of the young teens with SUV's, drive them at high speeds, because as a teen you are still learning, so you do stupid things. I know I did plenty of stupid things as a teen, but nobody ever got hurt... Luckily...High speeds in SUV's is not a terribly smart thing to do. I have a friend with an expedition, who has on more than one occasion in traffic, gotten his car to bounce off the rev limiter at top speed, and weaves almost smacking cars on the roads. I drove in his truck with him once. Now I wont even get in any vehicle if he is driving it. Bad Drivers are bad drivers, no matter what vehicle it is. These things are essentially boxes with wheels, so don't drive them like race cars.

5. Suv's are great for hauling stuff, hauling kids, taking on long ski trips or towing boats or doing all that good stuff. But they are horrible for several reasons. I like SUV's for all the good reasons myself.

1. High up = higher center of gravity = can flip more easily
2. Suspension is always bouncier and less controllable than a car.
3. bigger tires = more spongy ride, and possibly more sidewall = more possibility of debris causing damage and blowing the tire.
4. 5mph bumper crash tests on SUV's usually do a lot of damage = weak construction and poor design
5. no trainig course or special license classifications to be able to drive an SUV = people who can't drive, don't know the vehicles limits, and driving vehicles that make them even more unsafe on the road. because of it.

don't get me wrong, I like SUV's and I use them for specific purposes.
1. TOW my Boat.
2. Take on Ski Trips
3. Go Off Roading
4. Haul equipment etc when needed
5. Major Trips to Costco

Other than that, I have no need for an SUV or truck, which is why I have a car. Anyone who does not have similar needs for an SUV, should not be driving one, because the ones who use it for similar needs as me, will know how to drive a truck in the first place.

I'm not saying everyone who doesn't use it for similar purposes can't drive one, but most can't.

Thats just my opinion though. I have always been an excelelnt driver, and have driven many things, from large (66 caddy deville convertible) to small (80 MG B), and I know how to gauge distances. I have only been in two accidents in my life, both of which were other people hitting me due to their lack of attention to the road.
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