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I drove it to Orlando, FL and NJ last July 2001 and the a/c was fine. The a/c died on me maybe a couple of months ago. It might have sprung a freon leak some where. And since fall was setting in, I just decided to for go on the a/c repair until after winter. The setting remained in "economy" mode ever since. The belt tension was good and had never slipped before this event. I suspect that the a/c magnetic clutch was engaged even without freon, and even with my setting in "econo". This probably led to the compressors demise. I need to investigate further the cause of this so when I change the compressor this spring that it doesn't happen again.

My current concern right now is how to lower my idle setting. My car has been a Florida car all its life. A current job opportunity brought me to NJ. Is it possible that the cold weather is causing this idle problem? I also noted that exhaust is soothy black. I am using a K&N air filer which is clean. I always use premium fuel every fill up, and a fuel injection cleaner once a month. It was never like this back in FL.

1986 190E 2.3-16
Euro Headlights with clear blinkers
Bilstein Sports
400E front sway bar
K&N air filter
Jacob's Omni Ignition
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