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Originally Posted by Doctor2687 View Post
So, I tore into my front brakes tonight, using the Mercedes WIS as my guide. (I have done very little work on disc brakes before)
I have purchased new EBC ceramic pads to replace the old worn ones (indicator light was on), as well as new wear sensors.
I have used a punch to get get both pins out, but the WIS is listing a tool that looks like it will slide between the old pad and the pistons, to separate the two, and remove the old pad. Is there another way to do this with out this tool?
Probably a simple question with a simple answer, so thanks in advance for any help!!

The tool is a fancy way of depressing the pistons so you can get the pads out. It goes between the pad and the rotor, not pad and piston. You can use anything flat that will fit in there and push the piston (and pad) back. Be carefull not to score the rotor. The pads should come out with a little yank.
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