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Question C280 transmission elect control module

Dealer installed new transmisssion 4/01 after 52,000 miles. Being four months past warranty period they agreed to charge me only for installation which was $1000 instead of the $3800 the job costs. The new trans has always held first gear until about 30mph when cold before shifting. Also, when rolling to a stop and then accelerating, the downshift is sometimes harsh (clunks down)--not all the time though. The dealer checked it out today and says the problem is the electronic control module--a $789 job. They feel no obligation to fix it and state they checked the output data when they installed the new trans and it was all OK then. They also say that because I only paid for the installation of a new trans ($1000) MB does not issue a guaranty. If I had paid the $3800 the service writer says I would have gotten a two year warranty.

Any info on the electronic control module, where it is and how difficult to install?

Does the "no warranty" situation sound correct?

Sincrely appreciate help/advice.
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