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W126 Motor Mounts

I've read most or all of the posts about replacing motor mounts and I'm about to give it a try. My question is the same as others I've seen but I haven't read a clear solution: how to access and remove the two top bolts on the driver's side where is very little wrench space. The best direction seems to be to take out the center bolt and the lower nut on the engine strut then jack up the engine to allow space for a socket, allen wrench. I assume that I will have to do the same on the passenger side before I can raise the engine. Is that right? I've also read one post that Mercedes specifies certain "clearances" when replacing the mounts. My CD shop manual makes no reference to clearance spec or even where clearances are measured, so I guess I'll ignore that point. (The CD shop maunal has a clear diagram of parts but not much on the actual replacement.) I'll appreciate any and all advice.
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