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New prices for W126 Zebrano Wood from MB Dealer

FYI and to share with all my Mercedes buds. I was quoted prices from my local MB Dealer for new W126 Zebrano Wood (color stain 2317):

126 680 29 71 - 3-piece set- this is the long wood trim strip under the instrument cluster, glove box cover wood and small right angle wood piece. $724.54

126 680 86 39
126 680 84 39 - climate control area wood, depends on sunroof switch. $167.21

Over the holidays, I reglued my glove box wood and trim strip wood with 3M adhesive remover followed by 3M super weatherstrip adhesive (yellow). Excellent hold, better than epoxy which failed. Still wood like the new ones though but ooch!

I am seeing what Drew at Heritage Woodworks would charge to darken and redo my climate control wood.
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