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hey lake lover.
dont over complicate the situation with clearences and all that.
here is the meat.
1-loosen (carefully) the large 8mm bolt from the bottom. be careful becaues it will be frozen as can be.
2-jack up the engine till you have enough space to work dont worry if the car moves up. this is the springs lifting the car. Use the oil pan to lift the engine with a thick piece of wood between the jack saddle and the oilpan.

3-remove the 6mm bolts they are a little tedious but do able from the top. just keep at it.
4-insert the new mount,lower the engine , tighten the 6mm bolts, the 8mm bolt and your done. also only do one side at a time. try not to remove both the 8mm bolts at once.
good luck.
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