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300e bumpers

I have a 87 300e which you all know comes with the grey primer and black bumper pad cover. I had both my bumpers painted body color to give it that monotoned 95 look. Well the paint is begining to peel off but this is only on the black bumper pad cover part. Im guessing the body shop didnt sand the bumper pad part to where it is nice and smooth so the paint will stick. I have run my hand across this pad cover and indeed it has a little course texture. My question is to avoid any future problems with peeling, Can a bumper from a 95 124 fit on the 87? My understanding is the 95 models come with body colored bumpers and the design is diffrent from the 87. The 95 one doesnt have the black bumper cover and the 95 bumper is designed to be paintable. Im guessing the main reason why Im having peeling problems with my bumper is cause it wasnt desingned to be painted. I know the body shop probably didnt sand the black bumper part correctly. So Im thinking if I can find a used 95 bumper there shoudnt be any trouble cause this bumper is designed to be painted. Does anyone know if this will fit on a 87? I was also thiking about fitting a 94 e500 bumper but I think the from bumper wouldnt fit. Also AMG bumpers too expensive.
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