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I'm no expert...but I think I read somewhere that the xenon headlights have plastic lenses...but the standard lights are encased in glass. So...using the wipers on the plastic lenses could scratch and discolor the plastic pretty easily, and that's why the xenons dont have the wipers.
Personally, I don't care for the little headlight wipers on my car and may remove them at some point.
But to "add" them to a car that doesnt have'd have to get a different reservior and pumps that would feed them, get and mount the motors that make them work...drill holes in the front under the headlights, get the whole assembly working right, which even on cars that have them from the factory seems to be an issue. And then, after all that, you'd still have the plastic lens issue to deal with even if you got them working. Sounds like too much effort for too little my opinion.
Maybe someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Either way...good luck.
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