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I've done some research on the Euro headlights.

The lights from Tigris Intl are made by a company called (Ziggler?) in Germany, are apparently 'real' Euros, made of glass, and are identical to Bosch's when compared side-by-side.

The lights available on e-bay are also made in Germany by a company called 'Depo', and the importer mentions that they are one of the leading manufacturers of head lights in Germany, and are competitors with Hella and Bosch. Again, he commented that the quality is superb, and are indistinguishable from original units. These can be had apparently for $250.00 delivered to me in California. They are in Florida.

Does anyone have experience or heard anything about either of these companies?

Parts shop has original units also for sale, and if I remember correctly, they were about $225.00 per side, approx. $450.00 for the pair.
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