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I am currently looking for a late 80's early 90's 300SEL or 420SEL. I simply long the looooooong wheelbase of these two vehicles. I have been leaning towards the 300SEL because the 3.0 litre has sounded pretty bulletproof. In my search, however, I have found a great number of 420SELs that by all means look to be a good purchase. My questions then is simply, from a maintainence standpoint, are there any real concerns with the 4.2? I have heard many good things about the 3.0, but not quite as much about the 4.2. I have been informed that the timing chain on the 300 is supposedly good for 200K miles, and the 420 should be replaced at 100K? Are these numbers accurate, and if so what kind of costs are associated with the replacement of the timing chains?

Thanks ever so much, in advance, for your assistance with this matter!