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Question Reverse Pulsing

I noticed the discussion on the delay in engaging reverse and then back to "D" drive. I also notice that I have to pause somewhat before pressing the throttle since the transmission doesn't go into gear right away . I've acclimated myself to this idiosyncracy but annoying when someone is waiting for your parking space and they think you're taking your sweet old time and being a jerk. However, I still have a question on the behavior of reverse on my car:

In reverse, backing into a slight incline, motor/car has not been running for about an hour (lunch) but engine/trans is warm, the car will move in a pulsing motion as if there isn't steady power. Not a normal power delivery, it seems. Now, this is only after I've taken my foot off the throttle and the car's momentum is still taking it backward so the "power" delivery I'm talking is hopefully not misleading. I back it out conservatively and not doing anything close to a tire burning peel out, either. I'm curious as to the reason behind this and if it means some problems are impending.

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