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David Poole posted this link awhile back: a place to purchase rebuilt/new fuel distributors. I ordered one last Friday for my 500SL for $449.00, which included shipping.

I went through the whole thrash--injector seals, injector insulator/holder, injectors, fuel pressure valve, idle air hoses, etc., trying to cure a stumbling problem. Turns out--I'll learn for sure Tuesday or Wednesday--that the problem is/was the fuel distributor. I threw a lot of parts at trying to solve the problem, but the car has 142,000 miles on it. I no doubt replaced some of the parts prematurely, but likely saved myself some headaches down the road.

John will need the part number off the back of the unit in order to provide an exact replacement. I fussed and fumbled, using a mirror, trying to get the numbers stamped on the plate. However, it wasn't the stamped number, but the ones printed (very faintly) on the plate. If the fuel distributor is off the car, then it's a no-brainer. If you have to pull the numbers off with the FD still on the car, then it gets to be a little more of a challenge.
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