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Unhappy C Class (W202) Wiper Motor Woes

Hell hope someone can help. We have had our 94 C200 Elegance in our family since new. The wiper stopped working properly pretty early on. but now it has gotten worse.
It works fine on the faststet setting, setting it to intermittent or slow, means it won't work at all.
It also decides to park itself quite unconviniently in the middle of the windscreen when the wiper is off.
My local Auto-electrican said its one of two things, either a new motor (big bucks) or a relay (not as bad)
But he said he wouldn't be able to tell untill I bought a new relay, if it wasn't that then I would need a new motor too.
Does anyone know which one it is. or could it be both, I have to maintain this car on a budget so any help would be really appreciated, thanks
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