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I have solved two of the four problems that I posted regarding my "new" 300SE: cold-start and radio face plate. The most challenging problem was the cold-start problem. I managed to solve the problem after searching through past postings on this site. I am very grateful for the assistance that technicians and others have offered in the past which contributed to a good body of knowledge at this site and for the availability of this site for research purposes. Thanks also to gidpor and sixto for taking the time to respond to my request for help.

The cold-start problem ('89 300SE, 3.0) was caused by a blown fuse on top of what I have learned is the "overvoltage relay". Numerous references were made to this fuse in the postings over time. Once I learned how to search the database, a few hours of reading the postings last night enabled me to put a picture together.

Thanks again folks!!!!
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