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Originally Posted by Joreto View Post
A friend of mine recently got a 2.3-16v, the car is in good shape exept that previous owner has tampered with the EHA (with the screw which rises/lowers the fuel pressure). Can anyone tell me what is the correct procedure for setting up of the EHA. The car has the following problem, when driving in 2, 3 or any other gear and you floor the gas pedal (WOT) the car hesitates for 1-2 sec and then takes off like crazy. I hooked up an A/F ratio gauge which shows that during the period of the hesitation the car is very lean (off the scale), then it enriches the mixture and the car takes off. I disconnected the wires of the EHA (so it dosn't get a signal from the ECU)and the A/F ratio gauge showed that the mixture is very rich a idle (all of the lights light up, shows around 0.96 / 1.00 volt on the amp meter). Shoundn't the car with the EHA disconnected be around the 14.7 : 1 A/F at idle ?

So.... was this solved?
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