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blue smoke and consequences

Hi ,

I got a MB 300 E, 300E, 86, 250.000 miles. Problems that i have with this car are:

1...When starting up, sometimes wont start the first time i crank or sometimes it starts first time but die in second. then when i go again engine starts well and it never die after that.
2... When starting car especially in the morning blue smoke comes out( embarrasing). I was told by mb mechanic that probably valve seals need to be replaced. But ofcourse that would cost around 500$. I canot afford to pay this right now. I would like to know how much can it damage the engine if keep driving with blue smoke on startup. Can it clog catalyc converter. Anyway engine run satisfactory good even with that many miles, no problems so far except startup and smoke. Never changed timing chain
Does anyone have the same problems and what to do
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