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The symptoms of the cold-start problem were that the car, when cranking, did not want to start. If the car started, it wanted to stop running-RPMs were very low and the engine ran rough. After repeated attempts to start, the engine would warm up enough to continue to run.

I replaced the cap and rotor last night but when I attempted to start the car, it was again difficult to start. I had new plugs standing by so I replaced them, looking at each of the old plugs as I removed them. I noticed that each of the old plugs showed no evidence that a fuel enrichment device had been working so I concluded that the problem must be with the fuel enrichment circuit. After that, I spent a couple of hours researching articles written by others for this type of problem. The fuse idea was mentioned several times. There are numerous posting relating to this problem. I think that if you spend the time researching older postings that you may find something that will help you.

Good Luck!!

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