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Question ASR Warning light stays on...HELP..!!!

Guys a friend of mine has some problem, that I thought some of you might be able to help:

descrioption of the symptons:
"Over the last couple of weeks the ASR warning light on my C36 has come on. When I stop and turn the engine off it stays off when I restart the engine and everything is OK. Today the ASR came on and stays on! This means half power until seen my the MB dealer. I happened to be next door to Phil Smart MB in Seattle and pulled in. They hooked up the small computer to my car and stated that the throttle actuator is probably bad and it could also be the EA system. I haven't got a clue on these items and the worst part is that they cannot get me in to look at it for 2 weeks.
My questions are:
*Has anyone heard of either part they are suggesting?
*Your best guess on what this should cost?
*Can I buy these parts and install myself sooner?
*Finally, has anyone had this happen with their MB?


Any help would greatly appreciated.

Detail of the car is 95 C36 with 83.000 miles



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