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When the ASR and ABS lights are on, is the car in "LimpHome Mode"?
You will recognize this because you have to press the accellerator almost half way down before it begins to speed up the engine.

If it is NOT in limp mode it might be the Anti-Lock (ABS) pump. My SL was turning those two lights on intermittently but would not go into limp mode. The more regularly I drove the car the less it would fail. Replacing the pump with a used assembly did the trick. If that is your problem, you don't want to see the price of a new unit... seek out a good used one. mine was $500.

Storing the car for a while could increase the chance that a valve or solenoid is sticking inside the ABS pump. I would suggest a good brake flush as a starter!

If the car goes into limp home mode I would look somewhere other than the ABS pump. ...and, of course, check the OVP Fuse!
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