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Thanks guys for all the's a follow-up.

I started looking around for a manual top hoist, found a few on the internet, best price I found was 189.00 plus shipping. Then, I saw one on ebay for 100.00, and the guy was I went and picked it up.
Hooked it up in less than an hour, popped the top off the car, immediately covered it put it on the rolling rack (that came with the car when I bought it) and did it all by myself with no issues whatsoever. Very easy. (They say you can just leave the top on the hoist, but I just didnt like the idea of it suspended in mid air, and my garage roof isn't that tall anyway).

The soft-top works perfectly and it looks like new! The plastic windows are as clear as glass! Lucky me. There is, however, a knife-slit in the top, about 5 inces long, perfectly straight right over the driver's door. (I knew about this when I bought it, the guy showed me the was vandalism) So..I used a thin strip of black duct-tape on both sides to "seal" it, until I can get it to the shop to see about a proper patch.

But, boy those latches make a robust "clack" when they disengage, don't they? Startled me at first, until I read that it is normal!

And its a BLAST driving the car, top down, windscreen up or down...what an amazing car!

Thanks again for all the input.
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